GloboStar® 80067 SONOFF T2EU3C-RF – Wi-Fi Smart Wall Touch Button Switch 3 Way – RF Series

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Σε απόθεμα/1-4 εργάσιμες


  • Model: PIR3
  • RF: 433MHz
  • Materials: PC + tempered glass panel
  • color: White
  • Remote control distance: >50m (open sapce)
  • Power supply: 6V (3V button cell *2)
  • Battery model: CR2032

SONOFF 433MHz Wireless Stick-on Smart Wall Switch

A stick-on 433MHz remote controller with the similar appearance of SONOFF TX series smart wall touch switch, can be used for any surface to control your devices from anywhere.

More to One

Feel to stick and control. Simple to connect a SONOFF smart switch to your light, and you can attach more than one RF switch on any wall surface that is convenient for you to reach to turn on or off the light.

One for More

Control more lights from a position. Just like a universal remote controller, the RF switch with multiple channels allows you to control one or more lights, which each channel can be used to control one light.

Two-way Control

Give you one more option on the control of the light. As a 433MHz RF switch, it can match the SONOFF TX wall switches that allows you to control the light from two different positions without need of wiring.

That’s A New-style Remote Controller

Adopts the 433MHz RF protocol that is compatible with partial SONOFF smart devices, the RF switch can be used to control them remotely as a ordinary remote controller.

Create A Better Experience

Sensitive touch button Brightness-adjustable LED backlight Toughened glass panel

SONOFF T2EU-RF Descriptions:

Does the 433MHz wireless stick-on smart wall switch is the extended new arrival of SONOFF’s best-selling TX series Wi-Fi Wall Smart Switch? No. It continues the similar look with TX series to keep your home style modern and artistic, and is actually a 433MHz remote controller.

Does your home be full of hard-to-reach light switches? Or the light switch at the end of a dark corridor is out of convenient reach for operation of control at night? If that’s true, you need match a removable remote controller to your lights.

The remote controller with 1/2/3-gang works like other regular light switches but add the ability to control the connect lights from a distance, and no required to wire, simply stick on it to use. The multiple gangs allow you to realize two remote control solutions, one SONOFF remote controller for control multiple lights controlled and multiple SONOFF remote controllers for a light controlled. Plus, the remote controller can be used to connect with SONOFF T1/T2/T3 wall switch to achieve two-way control. It is also used for RFR2, RFR3, 4CHPROR3 and SlampherR2 which provides you one more control way except for APP remote control and voice control. The backlight is designed on the touch button to give you a clear location to control the light at night. The absorbing energy from light decides the brightness of backlight, the more energy it absorbs, the higher its brightness. Three using methods can be chosen from stick-on, screw-on and desk-top.

  • Product Specification
  • Quick Installation Guide
  • User Manual
  • Certification: FCC, CE
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