GloboStar® 80064 SONOFF PIR3-RF – Smart 433MHZ RF PIR Motion Sensor 6m/110° Detection

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Σε απόθεμα/1-4 εργάσιμες


  • Model: PIR3
  • Working humidity: 10-90%RH (non-condensing)
  • Material: PC V0
  • RF: 433MHz
  • Working temperature: -10℃~40℃
  • Power supply: 3V button cell (Battery model: CR2450)
  • Detection distance: ≤8m (Indoor space)
  • Detection angle: 100°


Small 433MHz RF PIR Motion Sensor

One Trigger, Endless Possibilities

PIR3-RF can be used to trigger smart devices with various protocols as long as it connects with SONOFF RF Bridge.

PIR3-RF, Leads Your Life Smarter

With the effective period of smart scene setting, PIR3-RF can trigger more scenes in different time periods. When you get up at night, just walk over to the toilet and the light will automatically light up.

Wave Your Hand, Start A Smart Life

Simply wave to PIR3-RF and you will immediately enter the wonderful time of reading.
*The reading time is a customized scene that is when you wave to PIR3-RF, the bed-room light turns off automatically, and the table lamp turns on meanwhile the music starts playing.

Two Modes, As You Choose

PIR3-RF has two built-in modes which are two different trigger time mechanisms to meet your needs in different scenarios.

Alert Mode

If motion is in the detection range, it can be triggered every five seconds.

Normal Mode

The next alarm trigger can be activated (when detecting motion, it will be triggered) if there is no motion detected within one minute after the previous detection.

Alert Mode, Be Alert to Any Abnormal Movement

PIR3-RF’s unique alert mode can be triggered once every 5s which makes you more at ease when you go out, without missing any suspicious moment.
*IFTTT function is only open to eWeLink VIP members

Pick up in Only 3 Steps
1) Access the RF Bridge page in the eWelink APP, select to add an alarm, and the Bridge makes a “Beep” that indicates it enters the RF learning mode.
2) Wave to PIR3-RF to make it activated (The LED indicator flashes red for 1s).
3) The RF Bridge makes “Beep Beep” that indicates the RF learning is successful.

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