GloboStar® 80059 SONOFF MS01 – Smart Soil Moisture Sensor TH Sensor for TH10 & TH16 Models

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Σε απόθεμα/1-4 εργάσιμες


Model: MS01
Humidity Measuring: 0-100% RH
Operating Temp. Range: 0 – 60℃
Waterproof Level: IP55
Maximum Extended Length: 10m
Size: 130x30x13mm
Cable Length: 50cm
Humidity Sensor Type: Capacitive
Power Supply: 3.3V
Flame Retardant Rating: V0

Know the Growing Environment of Your Plants

Works with SONOFF TH10/16 to accurately measure soil moisture and send data to your mobile phone.

Take Care of Your Flowers Even You Are Away Home

Planning a long trip, flowers wither because of hard to care? MS01 allows you to water regularly, and check the soil moisture anytime and anywhere to grow your flowers healthier.

DIY A Device to Water Plants Automatically

It is troublesome to water the garden manually, and a timer watering device cannot adapt to the changes in the weather. DIY a smart watering device using TH10/16 with MS01. When the moisture level of soil reaches to the setting value, the watering system connected to TH10/16 will automatically turn on/off.

Watering? Exposed to the Rain? No Worry!

IP55 waterproof rating allows you to water your flowers without the need of taking the sensor out, even leaving it in the rain.

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